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Non Ferric Alum Is Easily Soluble In Water, Sweet In Taste, Non Combustible And Non Toxic. It Is Mostly Available In Lumps, Kibbles And Powder. With A Molecular Weight Of 594 And Ph Level Of Min. 2.8 It Is Advisable To Store This Non Ferric Alum In A Dry Place Avoiding Skin & Eye Contact.

Sr Characteristics Specifications
1 Physical Appearance Lumps Variable Lumps form below 2”
2 Physical Appearance Powder Variable Powder form around 60 Mesh
3 Insoluble matters percent by weight maximum 0.3%
4 Iron (As Fe) percent by weight maximum 100PPM
5 PH (of 5% solution) not less than minimumx 2.80
6 Aluminium (As AL2O3%) percent by weight minimum 17.00%


  • Cultural Paper Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment
  • Thermal Power Plant Treating
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • De-Mineralizing Water
  • Treating Portable Water