Extra Ferric Chloride

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Specifications FeCl3 LIQUID FeCl3 ANHYDROUS
Appearance A Clear dark Red/Brown liquid Greenish to Black, Crystalline powder
FeCl3 Concentration 40 % (min.) 98 %
Ferrous Salt as FeCl2 0.10 % max. 0.10 % max.
Free Acid as HCI 0.02 % max N.A
Insolubles 0.05 % max 0.50 % max.
Specific Gravity@25° 1.42 - 1.46 2.80
Viscosity 12.1 centi. for a 40% solution N.A
Crystallization 40 % FeCl3-25°F N.A
BIS Specification IS: 711-1970 IS: 711-1970
Molecular weight 162.5 162.5
Melting Point 282° C 282° C
Solubility miscible in water miscible in water


In industrial application, iron(III) chloride is used in sewage treatment and drinking water production. In this application, FeCl3 in slightly basic water reacts with the hydroxide ion to form a floc of iron(III) hydroxide, or more precisely formulated as FeO(OH)-, that can remove suspended materials.

Another important application of iron(III) chloride is etching copper in two-step redox reaction to copper(I) chloride and then to copper(II) chloride in the production of printed circuit boards

Iron(III) chloride is used as catalyst for the reaction of ethylene with chlorine, forming ethylene dichloride (1,2-dichloroethane), an important commodity chemical, which is mainly used for the industrial production of vinyl chloride, the monomer for making PVC.